Control Room

The legendary NEVE VR 48ch is the heart of the control room.

For decades, this analogue mixer has guaranteed maximum audio expression to the most prestigious musical productions in the world.

Although its dimensions are limited, the control room boasts an excellent acoustic response and is capable of pure silence, since both the ventilation system and equipment are totally isolated. To complete the experience, two ergonomic Herman Miller chairs and a comfortable sofa let you face long work sessions without the slightest stress.

Channel Mixer
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Recording Room

A warm and balanced acoustic response

The asymmetric structure of the room and the use of reflective and absorbent materials such as oak, natural rock and cotton offer a warm and balanced acoustic response.

The ducted ventilation system generates 0dB noise even at maximum power, and the different lighting combinations give you the opportunity to create the preferred atmosphere.

Relax Area

Feel at home. Studiocompresso is a home studio!

This means that during work breaks you can relax in the living room on the comfortable sofa with chaise longue, watch TV, play with the playstation, and have a drink. And why not prepare a cup of coffee and bowl of pasta in the kitchen?

Technical Sheet

Mixer: Neve VR 48ch Automazione Flying Fader

CPU: Mac Pro 2 Dual 2,66Ghz 20Gb Ram 4Tb Hard Disk

HD Recording: Pro Tools HD3 | ADA Digidesign 192 x 3
Sync : Digidesign Sync HD I/O

Microphones: Neumann U87ai(1) U87 vintage(1) | Sennheiser MD421(4) + E602(1) | Shure BG401(1) + SM57(2) | AKG D112(1) + C414 B ULS(1) | Josephson E22S(1) |Coles 4038(2)

Outboard: Focusrite RED7 pre/comp | SPL Vitalizer MK2-T + Transient Des 4Ch | Urei 1176 comp | E.L. Distressor EL8X | Lexicon PCM70 | TC Electronic System 6000 (Reverb & Mastering)

Pianos & Synth: Mahler | Yamaha P80 | JD800

Monitors: Genelec 1037C(2) + 1031A(2) | Yamaha NS10 Studio(2) | Headphones MDR7506 (4) Ampli Rane HC6S

Make an appointment. All are welcomed.

Studiocompresso can be easily reached both from Rome – exit 12 of the Raccordo Anulare- and from the A1 motorway – exit Guidonia Montecelio. We are in the quiet residential area of ​​Marco Simone. Parking is easy.


Via C.Acilio, 29A – 00012
Guidonia Montecelio (RM)


Mon–Fri: 10 am – 7 pm
Sat–Sun: closed


+39 335 75 35 526