World-Class Analogue Online Mixing Service.

Do you want to mix music online on a legendary Neve VR analogue console? Come discover our Interactive Online Mixing Service Live!
How much does it cost? Less than you think.


The Neve VR preamps make the real difference.

Whatever the source to record, we can do it at top quality.

We only use the best microphones, cables and connectors. We put all our experience and passion at your disposal so you can create perfect recordings without ambient noise, surrounded by the typical NEVE analogue warmth that has for decades characterized the greatest productions in the world.

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Mixing in analog gives an edge to the final result, and doing it on a Neve VR is a unique experience.

Producers at every level know this well already: despite the quality reached by the digital in recent years, they still look for that depth and compactness of sound that only analogue can give.


High-level editing can be the difference between an amateur product and a professional one.
It also gives the chance to recover a work that was poorly recorded and would be otherwise unusable.

Song Voice-overs

With over 3,000 songs dubbed, Studiocompresso can offer musical consultancy in doing voice-overs for songs for audiovisuals.

We offer services from A to Z: translation, adaptation, voice matching, direction, recording and mix.

Our almost twenty years of experience allows us to have singers that can be matched to the voices of the most famous voice actors, and to offer the highest quality in short times and at reasonable prices.

Translation, Adaptation, Direction, Registration and MIX


Netflix, Disney, BBC, Fandango, Fox, Rai, Mediaset, K2, GXT, Frisbee, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, The Tornante Company, Dea Kids, Nickelodeon, Multimedia Network, Sefit CDC, Royfilm.
Dubbed Songs
Song Lyrics
Years of Experience

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We create customized jingles for tour operators, entertainment agencies and tourist offices.

The experience of our team of professional authors, musicians, sound engineers and cartoon-level vocal production allows us to offer a targeted product capable of engaging audiences and establishing prestige for your business.

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Photo/Video Backstage

During the studio sessions it is possible to create photo and video shooting.

Make an appointment. All are welcomed.

Studiocompresso can be easily reached both from Rome – exit 12 of the Raccordo Anulare- and from the A1 motorway – exit Guidonia Montecelio. We are in the quiet residential area of ​​Marco Simone. Parking is easy.


Via C.Acilio, 29A – 00012
Guidonia Montecelio (RM)


Mon–Fri: 10 am – 7 pm
Sat–Sun: Closed


+39 335 75 35 526